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Kane's Gluten-Free

To the celiac, gluten-sensitives and gluten-intolerants of the world...it's time to enjoy donuts again.

After years of trial and error in the Kane’s test kitchen, in 2014 we launched our first gluten-free donuts with just two flavors—our KGF Old Fashioned, and KGF Devil’s Food Chocolate Donuts—because we wanted to serve any Kane’s customer with celiac or gluten sensitivities who’d lost hope in ever finding a good gluten-free donut made the traditional way (i.e., in a kettle…and extra emphasis on “good”).

In 2020—our 65th anniversary—we’re proud that this year heralds a new chapter for us with the official launch of “Kane’s Gluten Free” (KGF)…our line of delectable gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free donuts (now with a dozen flavors!) that has won national attention and the hearts of gluten-freers everywhere.

No gluten, dairy, nuts, or worry.

A totally separate line from our traditional donuts, KGF products are made in our dedicated gluten-free kitchen where zero gluten-filled items are made. That means that during prep, baking and kettle-cooking, KGF products are 100 percent free from those dastardly particulates and contaminates.

We’re truly dedicated to making gluten-free donuts from the freshest local ingredients that are just as delicious, crave-able and creative as the traditional donuts we've been nationally recognized for since 1955.

Most important, we're committed to their safe production so the growing membership of #KGFNation can eat our products with total comfort…total joy. So to the gluten sensitives and intolerants of the world (and the people who love and shop for them), we hope the following FAQ will help assure that at Kane's, it really is time to eat donuts again.

Good ones.

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Why the expansion and dedicated gluten-free facility now?

More and more people suffer from gluten sensitivities, intolerances and celiac disease…which means (IOHO) there are more and more mass-produced, gluten-free products on the market than ever before that taste like little more than sweet cardboard. Since our mission is for the Kane’s legacy to be known for integrity, creativity and service to all stomachs…who better to make a glorious gluten-free donut than Kane’s?

As for dedicating an entire facility to KGF…we’re catering to our #KGFNation members who have extreme gluten sensitivities/celiac disease, and who couldn’t tolerate eating items that made where gluten particulates (i.e., floating grains of flour) could’ve been present. When we opened Kane’s Flagship in 2019 (our location on Rt. 1 in Saugus), we started producing all the traditional donuts there…so we had the space to separate out the KGF line. It was a no-brainer.

So, to be clear…KGF products are made in their own kettle, and with dedicated utensils and clean oil, in a place where no other typical, gluten-filled items are made?

Yes: Everything is made in a separate facility MILES from where our traditional donuts are made.

How were you making them before?

Before opening Kane’s Flagship, we made our gluten-free products at Kane’s Legacy (120 Lincoln Ave.)…as safely as possible, with their own utensils; in their own kettles; with their own oil; and to the satisfaction and safe-eating of thousands of gluten-free fans who had fallen hard for our donuts. We made them at night, after the kitchen had been scoured from making our traditional desserts.

Okay, so now that Kane’s-Lincoln Avenue is a dedicated gluten-free facility…do you still sell Kanes’ traditional-style donuts at that shop? Isn't that your oldest location?

It is; and, we do. The racks and cases in the front of the shop do hold traditional donuts...but our traditional donuts are made daily at Kane's Flagship on Rt. 1 and are driven to our gluten-free facility each day. (Understand: We couldn't take away the joy of someone sitting at 120 Lincoln Ave. for a donut and a cuppa…a place so many fans have made a part of their daily life. We have a lotta lifers.)

Can you gauge the comfort level of people with gluten-intolerance, gluten-sensitivities or celiac disease who eat your KGF line knowing that traditional donuts are sold under the same roof?

For the majority of our gluten-free customers, it's enough knowing that there are zero airborne gluten particulates at the dedicated gluten-free facility where the KGF line is prepared because nothing with traditional flour is made there. They view the presence of our traditional donuts being under the same roof as merely that: they're present, but they don't contaminate our dedicated gluten-free-facility-donut-making in the least.

What's your gluten-free protocol for serving donuts at each location?

Here's what you can expect when you order a KGF item (and it's the same no matter which location you visit):

1) Our amazing counter crew will use clean gloves when preparing an order that includes a gluten-free donut, and will change gloves when they switch back to handling traditional donuts.

2) Orders containing both traditional and gluten-free donuts will be boxed/bagged separately.

3) Gluten-free products will be labeled accordingly on the box or bag of your order upon request.

Is KGF void of other allergens?

We're wicked proud to say that the KGF line is free of three of the eight major allergens: gluten, dairy and nuts.

Is the KGF line vegan?

Sorry to disappoint, but no.

Is a Kane’s vegan donut in our future? Asking for a friend.

Tell your friend the Magic 8-Ball says “maybe.”

Know we're talking gluten-free here, but since you brought up allergens…what's the deal with nuts in your traditional donuts? Are your shops nut-free?

Soooo…while the KGF line IS nut-free, our traditional donuts are made at Kane’s-Rt. 1, which is NOT a nut-free facility. However (and there's always a "however," right?), our cake- and yeast-style donuts are NOT cooked in a nut oil, nor are there nuts in our donut mixes...so our donuts are nut-free except for the occasional specialty recipe we prepare which may use peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, or other nuts as a topping.

Not looking for trade secrets here but I’m highly sensitive to all the baking things. What flours are in your gluten-free mix?

Rice flour, potato flour, tapioca flour, xanthan gum, eggs (...not a flour, but we thought you'd wanna know). Oh, and avocado is in our KGF chocolate-based doughs. Because moisture.

How the heck do I get my hands on them?

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