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Special Orders

From five to 5,000 guests, Kane's Donuts can accommodate your donutty desires.

Off-The-Menu Orders With NO Modifications (1-50 Dozen)

For straightforward orders of up to 50 dozen (yes, 50!) with NO special requests—meaning, your order contains donuts that are on our menu and you’re NOT looking to modify a color or flavor—please place your order by clicking the “Order Now” button anywhere on our site to order online for pick-up at any of our three locations

Customized Orders

Sometimes, you need something different—custom!—that's less us, more you. For those times in life when only a Kane’s Donuts' order will do, we know you want to talk it out with a real person.

From gender reveals and monogrammed bridal-shower donuts, to filled donut holes or filling the donut wall of your dreams...customized orders of two dozen or more can be placed any time of year. Please email our crackerjack manager David Antolini at SpecialOrders@KanesDonuts.com and he’ll happily walk you through what it takes to create the donutty event of your dreams.

Special Orders FAQ

I procrastinated and waited too long to order! How long does it take Kane's to fulfill an order?

Fear not! We can often accommodate small orders (two to five dozen) in as little as a week; however, depending on the season, it can take up to three business days for us to even see your order. We appreciate your ordering as far in advance of your event as you can.

Do you still make those giant donuts for birthdays and special occasions?

Nope. Sorry. Know why? We can't guarantee they'll cook all the way through, and the last thing we'd want is have you cut into something you were really looking forward to that was kinda, well: raw. We do, however, make a killer coffee roll. (Click here to drool over it.)

Do you provide donut walls for donut displays?

Sorry, but no. We do have advice on making one, finding one or buying stands. Please reach out to Kanes' Content Director Jen Chase-Corwin at jen@kanesdonuts.com as she has resources she can share.

What advice do you give most to people planning on having donuts at their event?

Consider the weather and the temp of the space where you'll be serving. Many of our handcrafted donuts are fragile (because they don't contain preservatives), and many have glazes, frostings and toppings that can easily be marred. Please keep this in mind if you're planning an outdoor event as our glazes, frostings and decorations will melt in heat.

Do you deliver special orders that are NOT placed through EZCater or UberEats?

We prefer that you pick up your order...but if you absolutely require delivery, fees for in and beyond Boston range from $100-$400 pending your address.

I want to send a special order to my dad in Charleston, South Carolina. Does Kane's ship?

You're a good kid, but we don't ship to anyone, under any circumstance. We'd love to! But because we don't use preservatives, even overnighting our donuts would prevent them from getting to you with the same quality we've built our 65-year rep on. (Plus, we are a New England-based company: If delivery was delayed due to weather and they arrived ruined, your treats AND money would be completely lost. And that would make us real sad.)

Now we do have folks who chance it and overnight our donuts on their own, and we hear it's worked perfectly well. So while we won't do the shipping ourselves, we'd never prevent you from doing it. (Thanks for understanding our dedication to our our quality!)

You made a flavor once that I loved but it's not a regular item. How do I get it in my mouth again?

We're pleasers, so you're in luck: We can make (almost) any Kane's Donuts' flavor—even one that's out of season—in an order of two dozen or more. Requires two weeks' notice (or more…thank you!).