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Special Orders

Special orders for weddings and events of all sizes

Whether you're hosting a shower, a going-away party, a micro-wedding, or a 2000-person conference...Kane's can accommodate!

ANY special event regardless of size that requires a specific number and type of donuts—meaning...any event where a substitution for an out-of-stock donut CANNOT be made—is considered a "special event" and must be booked out as far in advance as possible. (For weddings... three months or more is preferable.)

Please drool over our flavors by clicking here and then email SpecialOrders@KanesDonuts.com with your specific requests. (And if you donut know what you want yet...no problem! Email SpecialOrders@KanesDonuts.com and one of our amazing managers will talk you through options.)

Custom Decorating Guidelines

Need something more personal than our off-the-donut-rack donuts? We offer custom decorating options that include the following;

Limited Custom Writing: Brief-and-we-mean brief lettering (i.e., words like "I Do," "Bride," "Groom," "Baby," "Boy," "Girl”)

Custom Coloring: Specialty frosting/icing colors

Pricing is determined by individual order. Please email requests to SpecialOrders@KanesDonuts.com no less than one week before you need them.

Gender Reveal Package

For #KanesNation customers hosting Gender Reveal Parties, we offer this donutty option (one dozen minimum):

  • We fill our signature yeast raised-donut shell with our fan-favorite Whoopie Pie Donut cream that’s tinted in your choice of color.
  • Just like the nursery rhyme…we mark each donut with a yellow "B" (“For baby and me”) and use the same frosting to dollop over the hole where the donut was filled to disguise the color inside.

Gender Reveal Packages are $60/dozen and can be picked up at any of our three locations. Please email requests to SpecialOrders@KanesDonuts.com no less than one week before you need them.

Birthday Donut Packages

Birthday Donut Packages (Traditional and KGF) are available for pick-up at our OG Lincoln Avenue location, only. Please visit that store's online ordering page by clicking here, where you can order and pay for our traditional Birthday Donut Package or our Kane’s Gluten Free (KGF) Birthday Donut Package directly from our website./p>

Individual Packaging

Need the items in your special order individually packaged? We can box anything!

Please note that we charge a nominal materials fee of $0.25 per item for clear clamshell packaging and $1 per item for white cardboard box packaging.

Special Orders FAQ

I procrastinated and waited too long to order! How long does it take Kane's to fulfill an order?

Fear not! We can often accommodate small orders (two to five dozen) in as little as a week; however, depending on the season, it can take up to three business days for us to even see your order. We appreciate your ordering as far in advance of your event as you can.

Do you still make those giant donuts for birthdays and special occasions?

Nope. Sorry. Know why? We can't guarantee they'll cook all the way through, and the last thing we'd want is have you cut into something you were really looking forward to that was kinda, well: raw. We do, however, make a killer coffee roll. (Click here to drool over it.)

Do you provide donut walls for donut displays?

Sorry, but no. We do have advice on making one, finding one or buying stands. Please email SpecialOrders@KanesDonuts.com and we’ll share any current resources we have.

What advice do you give most to people planning on having donuts at their event?

Consider the weather and the temp of the space where you'll be serving. Many of our handcrafted donuts are fragile (because they don't contain preservatives), and many have glazes, frostings and toppings that can easily be marred. Please keep this in mind if you're planning an outdoor event as our glazes, frostings and decorations will melt in heat.

Do you deliver special orders?

We prefer that you pick up your order...but if you absolutely require delivery, fees for in and beyond Boston range from $100-$400 pending your address.

I want to send a special order to my dad in Charleston, South Carolina. Does Kane's ship?

You’re a good kid. Please click here to visit our shop on Goldbelly.

You made a flavor once that I loved but it's not a regular item. How do I get it in my mouth again?

We're pleasers, so you're in luck: We can make (almost) any Kane's Donuts' flavor—even one that's out of season—in an order of two dozen or more. Requires two weeks' notice (or more…thank you!).