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Our Story

“Such a fantastic product. I grew up in Saugus and when I visit, Kane's is a must-stop.”

In 1955, a sleepy, donut-loving town just north of Boston fell hard for the treats coming out of Kane's Donuts...a mom-and-pop op that opened pre-dawn and satisfied into the early afternoon each day serving locals, first-shifters and third-shifters a perfect cup and a delicious donut with customer service that brought them back daily.

Three decades later, restaurant owners Peter and Kay Delios rescued Kane's from its slipping fame, and with recipes and know-how gleaned from their triumph at then-New England staple Mrs. Foster's Doughnuts, they returned Kane's to its former luster.

“I hate how much I love these donuts.”

In 2007, longtime Boston chef and restaurateur Paul Delios—formerly of Charlestown's Paolo's Trattoria and Meze, and also a guest-chef at New York City's James Beard House and the Naples Food Festival at Disney World—left the industry (at his father's request) to manage and grow Kane's with his four siblings. Paul's experience with worldwide cuisines and his siblings' combined decades of traditional donut-making experience formed quite literally the perfect recipe for the next generation of Kane's Donuts' success...just as Peter had hoped. Kane's began Boston's love affair with “designer donuts”...those outside-the-white-box flavors not yet seen in Beantown that have now become the norm.

With a chef-driven perspective influencing the menu—i.e., using local and organic whole-food ingredients; creative uses of avocado, gluten alternatives and savory spices; and introducing Instagram-worthy, candy-inspired flavors—Kane's turned donuts from an ordinary breakfast item into an all-day indulgence, and propelled its national rep while maintaining the integrity Peter Delios Sr. infused into what are now Kanes' nationally recognized, single-serve circles of desserty delight.

Awards & Accolades

Since 2007, Kane's Donuts has been lauded by countless local and national magazines and media outlets including the London Times, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald newspapers, and The Improper Bostonian, Travel+Leisure, Saveur, Yankee, Bon Appétit, and Boston magazines.

It was also named a top-10 donut destination by The Travel Channel. And since its launch in 2014, Kane's has earned local and national attention for Kane's Gluten Free (KGF)...what many consider the best line of gluten-free donuts made by a traditional U.S. donut shop.

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